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Make it POPcorn Chicken!

30 Sep

Picky eaters annoy me and when it happens to be your 4 year old who refuses to eat a wonderful meal prepared by yours truly, then I’m damn well pissed off! (Aaaaand breathe) Every night, I stress about what to make for dinner and if “that kid” will even eat it. Now this guy LOVES popcorn chicken. He can eat it all day everyday from pretty much any spot that makes said dish.  So “light bulb” I decided to make my own version of it and he happily approves (thank God!)

I must say, popcorn chicken is very easy to make but at my house, I need to make more than humanly possible since thieves come by stealing the ones I’ve already made (jerks). Popcorn chicken pretty much goes with anything like rice, potatoes and did I mention rice? (Eh I’m Filipino) 

So without further or do, here’s my popcorn chicken that is totes kid approved…

What you will need: 



Cut and cube chicken breast

Heat oil in a pot or fryer.

Combine garlic salt, chicken bouillon, white pepper and cornstarch in a bowl and set aside.

In a separate bowl, scramble the eggs.

First dip chicken into egg batter (dip only a handful of chicken at a time).

Drop chicken into the cornstarch mix and thoroughly coat the chicken.

Fry only a  handful of chicken at a time until light golden brown and crispy (chicken should float to the surface when ready).

Place cooked chicken onto paper towels to absorb the oil.

 Call everyone to dinner and ENJOY! 

Please note: you can always make this dish to your liking whether it be the seasoning or meat (cuz pork is awesome too).




Living La Vida Loco Moco

22 Jul

loco moco awesomeness

Loco Moco is an artery clogging, cholesterol inducing plate of deliciousness!

Originated in Hawaii, the loco moco consists of rice, egg, hamburger patty and gravy. This dish in my opinion-whether you ask for it or not, is ideal comfort food at it’s best. I mean who doesn’t love food slathered in gravy? The ingredients of loco moco will always be found in my house and perhaps every Filipino household out there (I’m sure of it, I checked). There are numerous variations of loco moco, and as long as you cover it in gravy, I say “KUDOS to you my friend, kudos!”

So in time-honored tradition, I’d like to make MY version of loco moco that my fans love-my fans being my family, who don’t have a choice because it’s what I’m craving at the moment. *thumbs up* This is such a simple dish to make that my chef-in-training 9 year old did most of the work. I’m just taking all the credit because he doesn’t have a blog yet (I’m kidding).


In my house, we prefer ground turkey and I’m too lazy busy to make gravy from scratch so I use good old brown gravy in a packet!





Some people prefer spam over patty which I would’ve used except we had spam the other night, so yeah. I like to cook the eggs sunny-side up so that the yolk can ooze out and mix with the gravy deliciousness.



Ingredients for Loco Moco-serves 5

1 lb ground meat (any preference)

6 eggs

cooked rice

salt and pepper

1 packet of brown gravy

(yep that’s it)


mix 1 egg into ground meat; add salt and pepper to taste; form meat into patties (size is up to you); cook patties until desired doneness, put aside; fry eggs to your preference (sunny side up is best), put aside; make gravy as directed on packet.

To make individual dishes, place cooked rice on your dish first; add a turkey patty or two on top of the rice; gently place a cooked egg above the patty; smother dish with brown gravy. Enjoy the hell out of it!